The ECDC Transition Academy

Preparation & Planning Supports

Program Supports

The ECDC Experience means students and parents/guardians receive the supports needed for a smooth transition from school to life post graduation.

Professional Supports include:

Training Supports Includes: 

  • Social Skills Training: group activities and discussions to develop a community environment.
    • Develops self-awareness
    • Improving self-image and confidence
    • Teaches the importance of expressing feelings and emotions
    • Practicing effective communication
    • Teaches critical thinking skills
  • Community Connections: further develops social skills training and strengthening relationships with those in the students life.
    • A sense of belonging
    • Teaches students who to reach out to when they need help
    • Creates each students personal network
    • Reinforces community safety
    • Gives students resources for current and future needs
  • Budgeting and Financial Training: to support positive money management and financial wellness.
    • Creating spending plans
    • Lesson plans on banking
    • Budget management
  • Life Skills Training: teaching essential skills for a positive and rewarding future.
    • Journaling for self reflection
    • Self-Advocacy training
    • Self-Care practices
    • Time management skills
    • Household management skills

Sample Student Schedule

On The Job Training (OJT)

The ECDC Experience offers students onsite job training and further connection to their local community.

Onsite Job Training:

Students participate in paid and voluntary off-site job training with Teaching Assistant guidance. Vocational paid training is available from 4-20 hours a week and it is determined based on each student. Teaching Assistants spend time with the students at the worksites to offer training and demonstration so that students receive onsite training. The end goal of this program is for students to master the skills at each site so that they are able to confidently perform any of the duties expected of them independently.

The following is a list of links to current & past worksites:

Career Development

The ECDC Experience includes customized career development for students. No two students have the same goals for their future which is why ECDC personalizes the career approach for every student.

Resume & Career Planning: 

  • Students are assisted in creating a comprehensive resume with the help of a Career Planning Specialist and Teaching Assistants.
  • Mock interviews are completed with a Society of Human Resources Senior Certified Professional.
    • Students are encouraged to utilize the Human Resources connection for any needs or questions they may have.
  • Training on career sites such as; Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter.
  • Lessons based on how to maximize each students current skills and interests for a future career plan. This includes encouraging students to take their passions and tailor them into an outlined plan for the future.
    • Individual and group instruction is offered to allow students to fully embrace their individual interests.

Adult Service Planning

The ECDC Experience includes ensuring that; parents, guardians, and students have assistance and guidance on the services that they are entitled to pre and post graduation.

The following are links to transition resources that ECDC assists in the completion of:

College Exploration

The ECDC Experience includes a comprehensive support system for students who are interested in continuing their education post graduation.


Post Secondary Education Preparation Includes: 

For students who choose to participate in college courses while enrolled in the Transition Academy they will receive:

  • Transportation to and from college classes.
  • Training for students on how to self-advocate and utilize resources in the community and on the college campus.
  • Therapeutic Support Staff will strive to help students develop skills to increase adaptability in planning skills as well as the ability to self-monitor and maintain balance. Assistance can include:
    • Before/After class assistance to organize responsibilities, tasks, and assignments in a manner that is individualized for each student.
    • Calendars development, email organization, assistive technology, or college program organization.
    • Systems to improve; memory, time management, and stress management.

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