Our individualized educational program is a service that can be provided within a school district. This service model includes highly trained therapeutic support staff, home to school tutoring, outplacement transition to home districts, and behavioral support. Extended day and year services are available also.

We offer educational programs including individualized transitional services from our ECDC life skills center in Waterford for 16-21 year old’s and our pre-vocational program in Waterford and the surrounding communities. Our life skills program is set in an engaging environment for all types of learning to foster community and social awareness. Trainings offered include vocational, safety, transportation and volunteerism.

In addition to the services offered in our Waterford office, ECDC also hosts a Transition Academy in East Hampton, Connecticut. The Transition Academy is a group based community program that also serves the same above mentioned skills and trainings.

We are also able to offer behavioral support consultations when requested.

Transportation services are also offered for extended day and year services.